Food 365 is a secure and scalable platform with ERP and CRM functionality specific to the UK and Irish Food sector.


Connect supply & demand, drive down costs and stay competitive.


Build sales, brand loyalty and respond to customer needs quickly.

Integrated Financial Accounting | Business Intelligence | Mobile Apps for Van Sales

Food 365 - Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

With a range of solutions that meet the challenges of UK and Irish Food producers and distributors.

Specific to the needs of production, sales and supply chain management for new and existing products.

Connected operations through procurement, production, sales and supply chain requirements.

Supply and Trade in Feeds, seeds and any other Agri-business commodities across the UK and Ireland.

A single app for order management through to production, packing, dispatch and invoicing.

Improve efficiencies in the production process, reduce costs and ensure compliance at every step.

Responsive to the changing needs and compliance around rearing, breeding, hatching and processing.

Client Experience

Our client success stories demonstrate the advantages of the Food 365 platform – Powered by Dynamics 365.

Our clients cover a range of industries and have their own unique challenges. Download our case studies and find out how Food 365 solved their challenging needs and requirements!

Download the Food 365 Brochure

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